How Does the Contribution Logger Work?

The ‘Contribution Logger’ is the tool we use to log contributions and claims made between community members. This allows for complete transparency by allowing everyone in the community to view all contributions and claims. This serves as a form of self governance, whereby you can see who is contributing and who is not. You can cross reference another members contributions and claims to see who is pulling their weight and who isn’t – better helping you to decide who you want to contribute to.

How is the Contribution Logger mean’t to be used?

Contributions are always logged by the person giving; the contributor. The ‘Contribution Logger’ is located in the menu. The contributor being the person who is giving something away completes the form as follows:

This field is automatically generated, so nothing to fill in here.

Contribution Type
Select the type of contribution that is being made.

  • Community Project Hours
    The hours spent contributing to a community project.
  • Product
    A physical product which was created via a community project.
  • Service
    A non-physical service based on the number of hours which is being contributed.
  • Material Resources
    These are physical (usually) resources which are given to community project leaders for use towards community projects. Any raw materials that community projects may need to function can be contributed. Note that money cannot be contributed as it goes against the Community Guidelines and the philosophy in general.

Find the person who is receiving this contribution.

Briefly describe what was contributed or if it was community project hours, what you did during this time in the community project.

Standard Units/Hours
For community projects, this represents the number of hours. For all other types this represents the standard units or quantity.

Community Project
If you are logging community project hours, you’ll see this field to choose which community project you’re logging hours for.

Batch No.
When contributing a product, you’ll see the option to enter a batch number. This field applies to all consumable products and anything where products need to be tracked down for health and safety reasons. For more information on batch numbers check for more articles in the Help & Support area and view the video on the Contribution Logger page.