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About this Platform

Designed to facilitate the daily operations of Freedom Plan communities, this platform is the tool which allows us to communicate, organise events, manage community project tasks and log claims and contributions. Simply put…

The book is the guide, this platform is the tool of implementation and ‘we’ are the collective consciousness that makes this idea a reality.

A symbiotic way of life for humanity,

The Freedom Plan.

Imagine a world where everyone works together to create an abundance of food & water, medical supplies, electricity, services, technology – anything you can think of and it’s ours to share in without the use of any financial currency. It’s a society without the ‘need’ for money, without the ‘need’ for governments and without the ‘need’ for welfare because everything we need as a community and as individuals can be provided for on a community level.

The Freedom Plan is a platform which takes universally moral values (the Community Guidelines) and turns them into practical, actionable steps to live life according to this philosophy.

We don’t need to wait for governments to break apart, we don’t need to wait for the economy to collapse – we can start creating Freedom Plan communities right now. And with enough people involved, this lifestyle is possible for us all.

Earth Humanity

Establishing 100 Freedom Plan communities by

January 1st 2025.

Movements for change are only meaningful when they’re acted upon. When you join our growing global community, it’s another step forward for all of us.

Community Projects

What are the

Community Guidelines?

The Freedom Plan transcends everything and unifies us all around the Community Guidelines. These guidelines are essential to ensuring the system works, is sustainable and doesn’t contradict itself. They also ensure the system self corrects and resolves any differences without collapsing the values most essential to the Freedom Plan being a successful system. The Community Guidelines favour no one individual or group and are encouraged to be observed by all members to ensure that Freedom Plan communities can exist and indeed thrive.

No Governing Body

The Freedom Plan has no governing body. No one is in charge and no one has power or control over anyone else. Community Projects do have leaders, however everyone has the opportunity to start a community project and operate it according to their ideas.

Compassionate Contribution

Contribute from a place of compassion. Together we can create an abundance of everything we need, so there is no need for greed. Give from your heart, receive with your heart and treat each other with compassion always.

Respect For Each Other

Respect the beliefs, opinions and values of others. Stand up for what you believe in. Respect others equally and respect yourself. It’s ok that we have differing opinions and values, so long as these differing opinions and values can exist while maintaining respect for ourselves and one another.

Everyone Is Welcome

As long as you’re willing to contribute a minimum of 5 hours of your time each week towards community projects, you’re welcome to join. Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual preferences or favourite breakfast cereal.

Embrace Abundance

We aim to create more than we need, so that we can assist other towns and cities to adopt the Freedom Plan lifestyle and thus help free more people. Embrace abundance, think about abundance and act from a place of abundance. Let’s create it together!

Symbiotic Actions

Ensure your actions and decisions are symbiotic with the rest of the community. Look for the best ways of completing a task. Consider the most effective use of your community project hours and how you can add the most benefit to the community in the allocated time.

Do you agree with these

Core Values?

If you agree with this philosophy, then you’re welcome to join us
and start reaping the rewards of belonging to The Freedom Plan.

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